Purchasing gift and memorial books is a wonderful way to remember loved ones or to mark special occasions such as births and birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries.

With your contribution, the Library will purchase an item in the category you choose. For instance, if the person you are honoring with a memorial book was an artist, the Library will be happy to enhance its collection by selecting a book about art.

Acknowledgment of your gift is sent to the individual or to the family of the person being honored. A bookplate imprinted with your name and the name of the person being honored is placed in the book.

Your donation will make it possible for the Huntington Woods Public Library to acquire materials and provide services that would otherwise be beyond its reach. We welcome contributions to support our Adult and Youth and collections and to support Library services.

Copies of the donation form are available in the Library or can be accessed online.

Completed donation forms can be mailed to:
Huntington Woods Public Library
26415 Scotia Rd.
Huntington Woods, MI 48070
Questions? Please call the Library (248) 543-9720
Please make checks payable to: Huntington Woods Library